About Us


Founded in August 2009, Natural & Eco Republic is offering variety of natural, organic and environmentally friendly products such as plant-based personal care, skincare, handmade soap, spa & aromatherapy products, household products, eco shopping bags and many more.

Retail and supplies of natural, organic and eco-friendly skincare, personal care, household, aromatherapy and lifestyle products.
* We also receive custom-made orders of natural handmade soap for wedding favors, corporate gifts, party door gifts, private events and many more events that you can think of!

All natural and organic skincare, personal care, household, aromatherapy and lifestyle products. Business Hours: 12noon-8pm (everyday except Sundays). Online order available. Need a delivery service? Call/SMS 016-2097879


Our goal is to establish a greener country.

Our mission is to provide good quality and affordable environmentally friendly products.


Practise your green lifestyle:

1. Prevent Pollution by choosing earth-friendly, natural and biodegradable ingredients, rather than synthetic alternatives. 
2. Take canvas bags with me when I shop, rather than carrying home my goods in plastic bags.
3. Save Energy
4. Save Water 
5. Use Less Gas 
6. Skip Bottled Water 
7. Keep Electronics Out of the Trash 
8. Use public transportation as much as possible.
9. Walk more; it not only promotes environmental sustainability, but also human sustainability.
10. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
11. Buy online minus the hassle of driving and pollution to air
Natural & Eco Republic